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Taprint is an It and ites service company that helps businesses tap into the booming market

We are proudly funded by The Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation (KSIDC)


Non-intrusive BI hardware

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Non-intrusive BI hardware

A customizable paper thin grid that lets you trigger various actions from your phone. You can decide which grid does what.

Interact To Trigger

One app to rule them all

Annotation services

Image Annotation & tagging , Bounding Box Annotation, Polygonal Annotation, Point& Dot Annotation, Cuboid Annotation, Pixel Level Semantic Segmentation, Contour Annotation, Satellite image annotation, 3D Lodar Annotation, Key Point Annotation, Redaction , Video Annotation

SenZe - Retrofit IoT

There are many devices and machines that generate a mountain of data that goes under utilized primarily due to lack of connectivity or smart sensors. SenZe is a patented plug and play hardware business intelligence solution that collects and analyzes realtime data on the cloud from places where data exists but remains untapped, in a non-intrusive way.

  • Aggregate / Inventory Planning
  • Billing & Count Automation
  • Performance Predictions
  • Strategy Recommendations
  • Market Strategy Testing
  • Analytics and Insights
  • Connectivity & Sensing
  • Better asset utilization

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