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Annotation services

Image Annotation & tagging , Bounding Box Annotation, Polygonal Annotation, Point& Dot Annotation, Cuboid Annotation, Pixel Level Semantic Segmentation, Contour Annotation, Satellite image annotation, 3D Lodar Annotation, Key Point Annotation, Redaction , Video Annotation

1 Medical Vision

We help clients process quality training data for clients model from scanned images and reports . one of our recent projects to annote data for models used in examining diabetic retinopathy cases.

2 Satelite Image

We are providing satellite image annotation for roads, ships and building. We have experienced with annotating low and high resolution images/videos

3 Autonomous Vehicle

Vehicle Annotation , traffic semaphore, pedestarial box annotation , Sign Board Annotation, road lines Annotation . We have been experiencing with autonomous vehicle annotations.

4 Parent Footing

We helps our clients to recognizing the pornographic objects until to learn their algorithm

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